Mediterranean Sea is a precious resource. The marine litter emergency affects all of us and must be tackled at the basin level, in an integrated and coordinated way.

COMMON project will apply the principles of Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM), a dynamic process of management and sustainable use of coastal zone. An approach that take into account the fragilities of the ecosystems and of coastal landscapes and the different uses and activities which impacts on marine and terrestrial elements.

5 pilot areas: Tuscan Maremma and Salento in Italy, Kuriat Island and Monastir in Tunisia and the Tyre Coast Nature Reserve in Lebanon. They will represent a real laboratory where identify strategies to reduce the problem of waste in the marine and coastal environment.

Fishermen, Turtle Rescue Centres, local bodies, sea operators, tourism, and researchers will take actions to raise awareness for citizens and schools.

Three years to work on a management plan and to propose it to the other countries as a replicable model across all the Mediterranean basin.

Stay update on COMMON activities and take part in Beach Litter and Clean Up campaigns: discover the fields in which you can engage in scientific monitoring actions.

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