29th edition: 13rd -14th -15th May 2022

800,000 tons of waste collected

500,000 volunteers involved

100,000 miles of shores cleaned up

21 Mediterranean countries involved

To date, many studies have shown that the contamination of the Mediterranean Sea is extremely serious, and the impact of plastic waste is critical. However, despite all the efforts, the plastic we found and keep finding on beaches is only the 5% of the total marine litter plastic, the 94% left lies on the sea bottom.

Clean-up the Med is one of the most important international campaigns, coordinated by Legambiente Onlus, to clean-up beaches and natural sites as well as sea bottoms.
It involves over 150 participants by coordinating institutions, research centres, universities, environmental organizations, schools, volunteers, citizens and local civil societies in order to clean up the coasts and natural reserves from litter of any sort generated by wrong human activities.

The main purpose of the campaign is removing waste to raise awareness in Mediterranean communities regarding marine litter pollution.

The COMMON project will further expand the boundaries of the campaign, involving Lebanon and Tunisia on the front lines.

Marine litter monitoring is an important tool of Clean Up the Med, that’s why we call the contribution of all associations involved in the event to understand the levels of diffusion of plastic waste along shores. This is crucial to address common policies to reduce the impact.

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The next edition will be held from 13 to 15 May 2022

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