clean up the med 2023


30th edition: 12th -13th -14th May 2023

Do you know that the Clean Up the Med campaign 2023 will celebrate its 30th anniversary?

The most widespread environmental clean-up campaign in the Mediterranean Basin, in which every participant is the protagonist, is born in Tunisia in 1993 when Legambiente pitched the idea during a meeting of young ecologists from all over the Mediterranean Basin.

Different organizations, schools, universities, and tourist operators, joined the campaign enthusiastically involving thousands of volunteers from more than 22 countries. The Clean up the Med put in contact with environmental Mediterranean organizations that had never met before and they discovered the importance of cooperating with the same goal: the protection of our Mediterranean Sea and the raising of environmental awareness among the population.

Through these 30 years together, citizens, students, tourist operators, teachers, public administrators, and scout groups, cleaned kilometres of shores all along the Mediterranean Basin. Since 1995 Clean Up the Med community has begun to cooperate and organize exchanges and conferences, to realize environmental protection projects and citizen science actions, …. make studies about marine litter and biodiversity. We let our planet’s preservation be something that unites humanity despite our different religions, countries, and languages. We believed in peace and cooperation.  And we go on thinking and acting for this.

Would you like to be part of the new Mediterranean Task Force of Clean Up Med 2023?

So, get ready for this new edition, join us the weekend of 12th 13th 14th May 2023!

You can also choose another date.

Let’s get together and involve other organizations, associations, schools, universities, tourist facilities and volunteers in our network!

Look at the photos of the last editions and find out who participated!


The next edition will be held from 12 to 14 May 2023




Clea Up The Med 2023 Brochure

Did you participate in the Clean Up The Med campaign?

Tell us about your experience and help us to improve it, to collect valuable information about beaches’ state of health, and to increase awareness on the marine litter issue!