COMMON project: a network of coastal towns is being created in Tunisia

After the first preliminary meeting concerning the creation of the network of coastal towns to fight against marine litter in Tunisia, which took place online on 11 August, 2021, the COMMON project team at INSTM organized a second face-to-face meeting in Monastir with the various local actors from 3 coastal towns in the Sahel.

The day started with the introduction of the COMMON project and the network of coastal towns by the coordinator of the COMMON project at INSTM, then an interesting intervention was presented by the University of Sousse on the effects of micro-nanoplastics on larval stages of mussels Mytilus galloprovincialis. Then, the representative of the NGO WWF Tunisia presented the project Plastic Smart Cities and its role in the fight against plastic pollution.

The rest of the day was dedicated for the municipalities of Sousse, of Monastir and of Mahdia to discuss the following topics:

  • the specific objectives of the network
  • the guideline for the creation of the network
  • the exchange of experiences, and the examples to follow.

This meeting is part of the activities of the COMMON project, funded by the EU under the ENI CBC Med Programme.

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19 Aug 2021


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